Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Why does your address say Glendale?

My sister is looking for an apartment. Not hard to do in and of itself, but when your fighting for a decent priced apartment in a good area, and are most likely up against the other 2,000 people who just relocated to L.A., it's gonna be dog eat dog. Relentless, agressive behavior counts. So, take a look at the newspapers, craigslist, get the password from a friend for, and call around. Expect not to hear anything for a few weeks. Landlords are tough to get a hold of, don't even bother to leave a message - they won't call you, they don't have to. They'll be another one of you the next day. I found that the best way to find your new home is to make the drive and circle your coveted neighborhood like a stalker. By far, this is the best technique to get results. Otherwise, bunk with a friend for six months and pretend your an actor. Unless you are, then get used to surfing couches; you'll be too broke to afford anything.

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