Sunday, March 23, 2008


L.A. is a congregation of artists and collaborators; when a holiday comes along involving chocolate and coloring, well, let the celebration begin. Foodies turned restaurant entreprenuers turn their L.A. eateries into celebrity gatherings with the most delicate and excessive temptations for the palate.

Caroline On Crack divulges some Easter indulgence for your enjoyment; she reveals:

Boule’s Gourmet Easter Basket Fixins
Boule in WeHo, has a chocolate egg trio that will put the Cadbury bunny to shame — a hollow dark chocolate egg with candied fruit and nut charms inside, a hollow milk chocolate egg with white chocolate sunnyside-up egg charm inside, and a hollow white chocolate egg with mini lemon marshmallow chick and white chocolate sunnyside-up charms inside. Other Easter treats are Meyer lemon truffle pops, Easter marshmallows (a lemon chiffon chick, a passion fruit bunny and a vanilla bunny head) and a large dark chocolate bunny and small milk chocolate bunny.

Jin Patisserie’s Chocolate Eggs
At $38 to $48 a pop, Venice bakery Jin Patisserie’s chocolate Easter eggs sound like quite a splurge. With each handmade egg filled with truffles, they are. Decorated with chocolate flowers, geometric shapes and spray-on coloring these beauties come in 27 flavors of exotic fruits, liqueur and tea. The small eggs ($38) are six inches tall, while large eggs ($48) are eight inches tall.

Sprinkles’ HOP Easter Box
Everyone’s favorite cupcakery has a special “HOP” box filled with dark chocolate, brown sugar praline, carrot and vanilla cupcakes adorned with pink and green bunnies. Or you can purchase the brown sugar praline cupcake just for yourself. You can’t go wrong with its caramel cake with brown sugar frosting topped with crunchy nut praline ($3.25).

SusieCakes’ Easter Basket Cupcakes
A cupcake and Easter basket all in one! Genius! The cute bakery offers up a chocolate cupcake with coconut buttercream topped with green coconut “grass” and mini jellybeans ($3). But if you want something other than cupcakes, they also have Rice Krispie treats, cute home-made bunny and chick marshmallows and Easter-themed frosted sugar cookies.

Yummy Cupcakes’ Easter Flavors
Yummy gets a gold star for offering quite a selection of cupcake flavors this holiday and in such an ornate fashion. The Easter bunny cupcake ($3.50) actually has chocolate rabbit ears sticking out of it. The Easter basket cupcake ($3.50) has a white chocolate handle and spring-colored drop flowers. Other flavors include Carrot Cream Cheese and Egg Hunt ($3 each). The latter is side rolled in coconut flakes and topped with jelly beans.

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LisaBinDaCity said...

They all sound yummy but my favorite bakery is Sweet Lady Jane. SO GOOD!!!