Friday, March 7, 2008

He Threw A Piece of Fruit At Me??!! WTF?

Driving in LA is like getting acupunture - all you want to do is scream but you're stuck for the next 30 minutes. Call it character building, as your patience is will be tested. A drive only a mile away can take over an hour, bumper to bumper, with some douchebag stopping to park, take a left turn, or simply try to squeeze himself in ahead of you. People take their time, question which way to turn and generally stop thinking when they get in their car. Then it comes to this - someone throws a piece of dried fruit at me, a piece of fruit?!

Honking in L.A. is sort of a no-go. We're all in the same pot, slowly making the trek home after work, so it's unfair that one of us is rocking the boat and pissing people off even more. But c'mon, don't stop during a green light to decide whether or not you want to make a right turn, and then do it at the last minute so the person behind you misses the green light. Same rule goes for left turns, the moment you have a chance to turn, you better fucking move.

The New York Times gives the traffic problem perspective.

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