Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This Is My Brain on Blogs

Many a night have I pried open my eyelids to finish books and articles written by writers whose voice provoke a sense of accomplishment, and my faith in humanity. Meaning, I finally found someone who's intelligent - at least on paper. Witty, dextrous, thought-provoking, hit your knee hilarious or let's face it - cutting-edge bitchy - writing is always welcome to my time. It makes my day. In Derek De Koff, I found credence. In his article This Is My Brain on Chantix, he thinks on the struggle of smoking and medicinal induced suicidal tendencies, with big help from a small pill.

Educate Yourself....Read Something Already............

The bloggers of NY Magazine's The Cut.....Their fashion judgments are brutal but you'll be laughing so hard, you won't care they're so catty.

Jezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Fashion: Without Airbrushing....If you think the gays and girls from The Cut are ruthless, you're about to get a lesson in clever putdowns and cutting remarks. Run mostly by women, I'm surprised I don't hear more about this blog in mainstream media.

Copyranter.......This saavy New York copywriter knows how to turn a phrase and make it count. He guarantees two blog postings per day (guarantee void everywhere).

Something Rotten......Copenhagen is a hot bed of interesting social observation. Aaron is adept at making his observations to the point and thoughtful, and sometimes just down right funny as a Londoner on a quest for love in the city of cycle culture.

Finally, to open up your network, the Fistful of Euros site will show you where to find the blog winners of 2007 here.

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