Friday, March 7, 2008

Being Accused of Going Grandpa

Free wireless internet, average coffee, healthy eats (yogurt, fruit, boba, bran muffin), and local artist work are offered at this corner coffee house - topped off with your token tattooed waitstaff.

I am at Sabor Y Culture off Hollywood Boulevard and doing my duty as a friend and wife (read: I'm not doing this for my benefit). Tonight is Friday night, and though the place is often host to several local artist community gatherings, tonight the gamers rule. I'm not taking Wii. Professors and intellectuals (there are exceptions) surround me at each table. They are playing board games. I don't see any fantasy games here but rather Art Moderna, Cash 101 and Settlers of Catan. Friday night is on and it's buzzing with the over 30 crowd.

Two hours later and twice as many latte's, I am peeking at the other tables and observing the fun. Students have settled in to study. So many people are chattering that it turns to a crowd murmur and evokes a zen atmosphere. No one to hit on you here (what a relief!). These gamers, students and artists are serious and concentrate heavily on what is in front of them.

In the alleyway, I spot a surprise (LA is full of these) and take a picture. Although it's a little creepy, and certainly more so since it's dark and we're in an ALLEY, it's an interesting piece of work.

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