Saturday, March 8, 2008

Looking For Oranges On An Apple Tree

Self-interest rules in Hollywood in a predominant and present way, namely, in your relationships. The person you meet at work, in cafes, on the street (given the odds) thinks, "how can you make my life bigger, better and wealthier?"

You can't take lying out here personally. When I realized for the first time (several times over really) that I was lied to, I was hurt that a person I trusted would do that to me; BUT this is the way people manage their relationships. Conflicting self-interest and need confuse L.A. relationships. Guarding myself from motive is mentally exhausting. This is a thorn in my side.

Surpised by usurption and deception, I have many deep cuts. Try not to be surprised and don't have high expectations. You have to work through the rough to find the diamonds.

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