Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hit it Like a Russian

Oh pick up lines. Let me count the ways. When you go out with the girls (and I mean friends, not the nicknamed duo that reside on a chest), it is inevitably seen as an open invitation to men; especially after downing liquid courage. Unfortunately for the unwitting male counterpart, nothing makes me go frigid faster than a drunk hit. Inevitable it is, so what better way to brave the waters than at a local Russian bar.

One Sunday night, I hop into my car and hit up Lubitsch, a tucked away bar in my West Hollywood neighborhood. The ivy-covered entrance leads to a stone walled patio and is guarded by the usual bouncer, but with the typical LA twist - as our bouncer, whose name we learn is Daniel - is wearing black skinny jeans and Italian boots. More nerdy emo than buff gym rat, and a lot more fun than either. Two rooms, illuminated only by a handful of orbs and lamps around the bar make you feel like you walked into Eastern Promises, and you're hoping there's not a body in the back. This place is dark, and I'm digging it. If you want to hide from your friends, here's good place to do it.

Strawberry flavored drinks rimmed with champagne are on the special menu tonight and my girlfriends, who have beat me to the punch tell me, they are delicious! If history serves me right, I'm pretty sure drinks with fruity flavors were not served at the Kremlin in the 1800's, but whatever; with its designated Russian moniker, how can I resist. However, girls night out it is not meant to be, and as I talk with my friends, we are accosted by a NY douchebag, all primped and preened with stoli vodka. It doesn't take long before I ask him to leave, (I am after all, catching up with good friends) and it gets hostile. After a near aggressive and extensive awkward argument, he finally leaves (he later ends up in a fight on the patio, and gets kicked out of the bar. Whoo-hoo! Maybe Daniel is tougher than he looks). My girls and I end up on the patio, and we get to know Daniel, our swathy bouncer, a little better. He is aware that we were the ones who rejected the NY patron, and tells us we 'should have taken one for the team.' Yeah, right. The night ends in laughs, and we all go home pink cheeked and happy.

Lubitsch, it's not a place to get drunk and party, but it's great to chill out and have some fun. Still, not everyone has a good time here, LA Filtered would disagree with my blessing.

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