Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Sartorialist is MIA in L.A.

It is undoubtedly obvious that L.A. has its own vibe – reinforced by the general makeup of the population, L.A. no doubt is more subversive than most; with styles that span from Emo to Blond Ambition, more often than not counterculture and not involving catwalks and skinny models (only sometimes). I tend to think L.A. is being snubbed by the big players in NY(and L.A. doesn't make it any better with Lauren Conrad as their biggest headline), as evidenced in the eyes of Andre Leon Talley, as he heaves a big sigh.

L.A. fashion is spawed in clubs, individualism, the beach and a laid-back, weather-changing lifestyle (read: layers). All in all, we’ve got style. So I ask, “How can The Sartorialist ignore us so completely over here on the West Coast?” I assume that he works, and that work takes place on the the East Coast (and abroad, note the Delhi flavor) without any thought, glance or sympathy thrown in our direction. Still, I am feeling a mite ignored, and a bit miffed that his beautiful photography doesn’t hold images of the pros over here out on the street everyday. Although, I can forgive him and his ways. His Blog is not one to forget as evidenced by the press he receives on

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