Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Lilting Scent

For a Californian, seasons are a trivial and uneventful occurrence. Fall doesn't come with falling yellow leaves, and winter doesn't arrive in snowstorms - there's simply a subtle change in temperature. Only cooler nights indicate that winter is ascending, but the days remain sunny and snowy peaks appear in the North (snowboarding is only a few hours away!). Since California's weather is historically sunny and clear, with the exception of this year's fifteen days of dripping clouds (and counting - crossed fingers for more rain so there's no droughts!), there are certain occurrences that mark the changing seasons.

Instead of melting snow, I've got the new scent of Jasmines in the air to melt my chilly winter heart and turn my thoughts to beach volleyball and tan skin; unlike so many, I do not tan during the winter, I'm Nicole Kidman pale and scared to show any sort of leg at work for fear of scaring someone. Soon, the Jacaranda trees will start sprouting their purple flowers and rolling blackouts will become part of the regular routine.

Jasmines are the first sign that spring has come again, and if you don't enjoy the sun, (because it gets redundant) at least you'll have a nose full to be happy about.

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