Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cats On Newspapers

No one ever comes to L.A. and thinks that the Subway is a choice for public transportation. However, with plans for expansion in the years to come, it's becoming a more viable option. Alas, the L.A. Metro does not stop at all cities, such as Santa Monica, but it can get you downtown and to the airport. For my purposes, it's an easy $1.50 novelty ride from Hollywood to Little Tokyo. Just don't get on after 6pm, the muttering homeless and generally sketchy characters seem to gather on the platforms after this hour.

Union Station, the Main Portal

Train tracks to my Left

Finally, the Light

Ah! The most unexpected offering of the day. Low lights, cool atmosphere

Sweet Bean Paste Fried in Little Cakes

Local Japanese News...LA, LA, LA..

Mochi, a strange exotic dessert with interesting texture of smooth ice cream wrapped in rice cake.

A View of the Town

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