Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Man Among Strangers

The Emigrants destiny: The foreign country has not become home, but home has become foreign.

~Alfred Polger

I almost choked on tears when I came across this thought by Mr. Polger. Nothing truer could be said to those who've traveled far and now reside in stranger places than those where they were born. I believe that it is far greater to leave your home and add experience to your character, than to never change and never wander far from the things you know; as leaving home is sure to change you in ways you'd never believe. It's like hating onions your whole life, and then suddenly loving them.

Mr. Polger brings up a point that is all too familiar to me now, as it is with disbelief that I feel I couldn't live anywhere (for the moment) except L.A. My love has grown for the city's quirks and ambitious atmosphere; the hungry wolves and sun-tanning beach bunnies, dirty bars and bum friendly Hollywood Boulevard. It is a far-cry from my somewhat wholesome small town beginnings. Home will always be home, but it's comforts don't offer much to me now.

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