Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If I Can't Sleep

It is well past midnight and I'm walking down Beverly Boulevard to grab a cup of Joe. This is fairly rare. I should be sleeping. I treasure my down time.

So imagine this...a long room (more long than wide anyway) drenched in sepia tones, dimly lit by two dusty 1940's vintage crystal chandeliers, furnished with small wooden tables, soiled velvet couches, a smattering of laptop power plugs lining the walls at waist height, and a waitstaff demonstrating their best night-of-the-living-dead impression while asking you what you want with a hint of denigration. They don't serve decaf here(I tried that). It's Insomnia cafe people and it's well past midnight.

Come ready to party, this cafe is a grunge fest, complete with out of work artists, actors and writers working away on their little mac laptops. Take a hint from the name, this cafe is for the hard-working and ambitious. These patrons are so consciously self-unaware the stench of pretension is a little thick.


If you want a late night snack and a quiet place to work, this cafe should be your destination; but here's hoping you sleep well.

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